Education Seminar: Applying AI in Construction

Chat GPT. LLM. Generative AI. AI/ML. Bard. LLaMA. We have seen an explosion of new tools leveraging various forms of artificial intelligence entering the construction industry. AI experts and evangelists have painted both doomsday and transcendent pictures of how AI will change human life in the upcoming years. While Generative AI may not directly take your job anytime soon, a Project Manager using AI just might.


Join this session to get an overview of AI, learn how this technology is being incorporated into construction projects and most importantly, learn some practical tools and applications for AI that you can start leveraging today during estimating, design, Project Management and construction. Whether you’re an AI novice still stuck on the concept of a Smart Watch or a tech enthusiast who is already living in the construction VR/AR Matrix, this session is for you. Join us, and let’s turn this impending AI-pocalypse into a career opportunity. After all, if you can’t beat ’em, confuse ’em and then control ’em! This is the session that everyone will be talking about.